Select a card to reflect on your present situation and empathize with yourself or a current circumstance.

  • xxi-the world XXI. THE WORLD
  • xx-judgement XX. JUDGEMENT
  • xviii-the moon XVIII. THE MOON
  • xvii-the star XVII. THE STAR
  • xvi-the tower XVI. THE TOWER
  • xv-the devil XV. THE DEVIL
  • xix-the sun XIX. THE SUN
  • xiv-temperance XIV. TEMPERANCE
  • xiii-death XIII. DEATH
  • xii-the hanged man XII. THE HANGED MAN
  • xi-strength XI. STRENGTH
  • x-the wheel of fortune IX. THE WHEEL
  • ix-the hermit IX. THE HERMIT
  • viii-justice VIII. JUSTICE
  • vii-the chariot VII. THE CHARIOT
  • vi-the lovers VI. THE LOVERS
  • v-the hierophant V. THE HIEROPHANT
  • iv-the emperor IV. THE EMPEROR
  • iii-the empress III. THE EMPRESS
  • ii-the high priestess II. THE PRIESTESS
  • i-the magician I. THE MAGICIAN
  • 0-the fool 0. THE FOOL